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The clear path to healthier air

Discover our dual-modality solution for achieving LED surface disinfection and continuously purified air designed for:

  • Area-specific indoor air quality and disinfection
  • Continuous room ventilation and dilution of ambient air with purified air
  • Ability to completely change and purify room air within minutes*
  • Integrated, real-time monitoring of indoor air quality with mobile app and dashboard

A continuous disinfection solution designed for our most vulnerable spaces, proven to kill >99% of pathogens

Our product solutions


Continuous Surface Disinfection

CleanWhite provides continuous surface disinfection using patented, antimicrobial white-illuminating LEDs which destroy over 99% of surface microbes, including bacteria, spore forms, fungi, mold, and other harmful pathogens.

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Air Guardian™

Air Treatment Technology

Air Guardian continuously neutralizes pathogens and purifies air. It provides complete air purification, including disinfection, filtration, and destruction of chemical contaminants. Air Guardian produces frequent room air changes and protective airflow in any space.

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Air Guardian Plus©

Dual-Modality Air + Surface
Disinfection Technology

Combines Air Guardian and CleanWhite in a single fixture to provide both surface and air disinfection. Both Air Guardian and Air Guardian Plus offer integrated, real-time monitoring of indoor air quality with mobile app and dashboard.

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The Air Guardian solution's patented technology, high integrity fixture, and state-of-the-art monitoring application represents the highest standard of healthy surface and air disinfection available.

Patented multi-focal reaction chambers
Ultraviolet radiation and nanoparticle oxidation
Sealed unit for safe disinfection of surface and air pathogens
Science backed, tested, and real-world proven

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See how Air Guardian protects your most vulnerable spaces.

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Why Air Quality Matters

The Air Guardian air purification systems have been expertly engineered to disinfect air and surfaces like no other solution on the market.


If there is an individual with COVID-19 present, how effective is the Air Guardian solution at protecting others who are present from infection?

This question (related to airborne transmission) is too difficult to answer without knowing all of the the associated environmental variables. There is actually an equation for this, called the Wells-Riley equation. The main variable is airflow dynamics.

The secondary variables to the risk of infection are the particle sizes expelled, the viral load (contagion), inhalation, and time. The best answer I can give is that the optimal protection from anyone in a room that has a viral load from COVID-19 is our Air Guardian solution. That has to do with VENTILATION (airflow) and the extent to which we purify that airflow. Clean air is 100% processed by our fixture and dropped into safe zones that reside within the strata of air that is being inhaled.

In an airborne infection, how that particle is carried through the air, how fast, and at what level must be considered as the primary variables and hazards to infection. You can read all about this in our white paper.

Is the Air Guardian solution less effective in areas with minimal air disinfection?

The Air Guardian solution actually makes rooms with less air "circulation" safer for the above reason. We mechanically induce ventilation and mix clean air into the rooms with high-volume room air changes.

How does the Air Guardian solution kill airborne COVID-19 particles and do the air particles have to pass directly through the unit to be purified?

Within the Air Guardian, air first passes through a ceramic mesh of titanium dioxide embedded with TiO2 nanoparticles, which are rutile-state reflective crystals. They are highly reactive to ultraviolet light. The ceramic mesh used is irradiated by powerful UVA 365 light, thereby forming a cloud of highly reactive electrons and subsequent ROS. The UVA light irradiance itself is also destructive, so dual toxicity begins immediately within the Air Guardian. Intense 265 nm UVC light (30 joules) bathes the air for up to 36 seconds. This mechanism, along with The ROS inactivate microorganisms, including viral pathogens. The ROS oxidation process produces no noxious compounds.

*Room air changes can occur every several minutes depending upon variations of room size and fixture selection.