The clear path to healthier air

Discover our dual-modality solution for achieving LED surface disinfection and continuously purified air designed for:

  • Area-specific indoor air quality and disinfection
  • Room ventilation and dilution of ambient air with purified air
  • Ability to completely change and purify room air within minutes*
  • Integrated, real-time monitoring of indoor air quality with mobile app and dashboard

A continuous disinfection solution designed for healthcare environments, proven to kill >99% of pathogens

Our product solutions


Continuous Surface Disinfection

CleanWhite provides continuous surface disinfection using patented, antimicrobial white-illuminating LEDs which destroy over 99% of surface microbes, including bacteria, spore forms, fungi, mold, and other harmful pathogens.

Air Guardian®

Air Treatment Technology

Air Guardian continuously neutralizes pathogens and purifies air. It provides complete air purification, including, disinfection, filtration, and destruction of chemical contaminants. Air Guardian produces frequent room air changes and protective airflow in any space.

Air Guardian Plus™

Dual-Modality Air + Surface
Disinfection Technology

Combines Air Guardian and CleanWhite in a single fixture to provide both surface and air disinfection. Both Air Guardian and Air Guardian Plus offer integrated, real-time monitoring of indoor air quality with mobile app and dashboard.

Protect patients from illnesses and pathogens in your most vulnerable healthcare spaces:

Ambulatory Surgery

Assisted Living

Dental Offices

Dialysis Clinics


Long Term Care Facilities

Medical Offices

Nursing Homes

Urgent Care Centers

VA Hospitals

One sheet download

Download our one-sheet showcasing illumiPure's complete air and surface solution.


Treat pathogens at their source

Our patented technology solutions for better air quality and cleaner, safer environments provide surface disinfection, air disinfection and purification, precision airflow and ventilation for any individual space.

Why air quality matters

Indoor environments are highly complex and building occupants may be exposed to a variety of contaminants in the form of gases and particles, including microbial growth of fungi, mold, and bacteria, as well as outdoor pollutants.

- Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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*Room air changes can occur every several minutes depending upon variations of room size and fixture selection.